Heartlands CTO Webinar 2021

Come and join us on 16th February for an evening of in-depth talks, complex case discussions, and expert insights at Heartlands CTO Webinar 2021.

Webinar Overview

Welcome to Heartlands CTO Webinar 2021 hosted by Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham!

Dr Sandeep Basavarajaiah & Dr Michael Pitt would like to invite you to a virtual evening of CTO's on 16th February 2021 at 7:00pm (GMT). This webinar will discuss the challenges, the successes, the failures, and the 'what we did next's' of CTO PCI.

Dr Sunao Nakamura will be joining us live from Japan, sharing his wealth of experience, expertise, and insights.

To register your attendance, please follow the 'Register for Heartlands 2021' link above.

The agenda for the webinar is also available to download from the top of this page.