Radiation protection


Providing proven, full-body radiation protection for Cardiologist / Interventionalists and Cath Lab teams
How the system works

How the system works

Introducing Rampart IC – A revolution providing comprehensive protection for you, your team, and your career, all without the need for heavy lead aprons. For decades, interventionalists have relied on heavy lead aprons to protect themselves from radiation. Lead aprons only offer partial protection, and over time, their weight takes a physical toll, causing everything from fatigue to potentailly serious, career-shortening injuries. Find out here how the Rampart M1128 system can help in your lab.
Why Rampart?

Why Rampart?

The story of one interventional cardiologist’s mission to get rid of aprons for good. Before Rampart, there were only a few options that provided physicians radiation protection without having to shoulder the burden of a lead apron, from those options, there were none that protected both the doctor and the cath lab team . See how one IC is leading the charge toward making cath labs a safer and easier place to work—for everyone. The whole team needs, and deserves, safer radiation protection.


  • 22mm thick acrylic panels with a pure lead equivalence of 1mm
  • Panel adjustments allow for different physician and technician heights, patient girth, and a variety of different procedure configurations
  • Adjustments are aided by electronic motors equipped with a rechargeable battery pack
  • Sturdy base mounted on lockable, smooth-rolling, casters for efficiencies in emergency situations, quicker set up and convenient storage
  • Sterile drape kit that includes 5 separate drapes, designed and easily labelled, for faster and easier setup and cleaning
  • All panels fold up for easy storage and minimal cath lab footprint


  • Eliminates the need for heavy lead aprons for the physician and team
  • Full-body radiation coverage when combined with the use of under table lead drapes
  • Radiation protection extends to the technician
  • Allows for longer and more complex procedures
  • Increases potential for longer careers with the elimination of the apron
  • Does not isolate the physician from their team or limit mobility